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A Simple Guide to Sectionals

Sectional sofas have been a popular and classic choice in American households for years. They provide ample seating for friends and family to gather and come in many different configurations and designs. Some sectionals tend to be larger and oddly shaped, leaving many confused about how to arrange them in their living room spaces. Although your own personal space may give you limited ways to arrange these unique pieces, you will soon discover that with so many great options out there, you too could enjoy a versatile and relaxing sectional of your own.

Here’s a quick look at four common configurations of sectionals:

L-Shaped Sectionals consist of two sides, typically similar in length. These are the most popular in the sectional family with a structured look that can float in great rooms or go against walls. Add a large square coffee table or storage ottoman to complete the look.

U-Shaped Sectionals give you mega room for stretching out and they are excellent for conversation. A perfect choice for media rooms and rec rooms. A comfortable and casual look your family will sure to enjoy!

Chaise sectionals consist simply of a sofa and a chaise, sometimes referred to as a Chofa. These are popular in smaller spaces. An ottoman is a great addition to these smaller version sectionals and why not make it a storage ottoman for a multi-functional piece!

Modular sectionals are comprised of individual finished pieces, allowing you the freedom to make it what you want. You decide what pieces and how many of each you want to customize the ultimate crash pad.

Now let’s talk about placement and how to properly arrange sectionals with other accents and furniture in your living area.

First off, consider the flow and the walking pattern of your room. Try not to position a chaise where people may have to walk around it or where it cuts off an entryway.

Next, consider the size of the room. A large room can handle floating arrangements. For instance, by pulling a large sectional away from the walls giving more space to move around increases the physical and visual flow of a room. Smaller to moderate rooms usually look better with sectionals that are in a corner or against a wall.

And lastly, consider other focal points in your space such as ottomans, occasional tables and accent chairs. Placing a beautiful accent chair kitty corner to an L-shaped sectional gives that completed symmetrical feel. A large coffee table or oversized ottoman looks great centered within a U-shaped or modular configuration. Add a gorgeous area rug to the mix and you’re on your way to creating an amazing space!

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